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Self-help Guide For Inmates’s SELF-HELP GUIDE FOR INMATES: Flourishing Through Adversity

It is with a great deal of pride we release our first book,’s SELF-HELP GUIDE FOR INMATES: Flourishing Through Adversity. This book has been over ten years in the making and was written using feedback from inmates, prison staff, pen-pals, family members of inmates, and professionals. Prison staff can receive a free copy of this book simply by emailing us their full name and prison address. We will be happy to send a copy at no cost. We have worked to make the book available on every platform we could at no cost or at least the lowest permitted by the various platforms. We are not trying to profit on this endeavor in any way, which is why we provide free PDF and EPUB versions and encourage you to share with others. It is also free on iTunes.

Disclaimer:’s Self-Help Guide for Inmates is provided for general informational purposes only. These materials do not contain or constitute, and should not be interpreted as, professional financial, legal, or medical advice or opinion. is not a financial, legal, or medical professional, and does not provide financial, legal, or medical advice. It is recommended that you research all content provided in the Self-Help Guide yourself and consult a professional if you have questions. By reading this, you agree to the terms of this disclaimer, including, but not limited to releasing from any and all liability, damages, and injury from your reliance on the information contained in the Self-Help Guide.


Different Formats of’s SELF-HELP GUIDE FOR INMATES: Flourishing Through Adversity:

FREE PDF version

FREE EPUB version

FREE iTunes version

We have also provided a print and ship version at the lowest cost Amazon will allow

Kindle version (also at the lowest cost allowed)

We are grateful to the inmates, prison staff, professionals, friends and family of inmates, staff, and everyone else who helped make this a reality. This book has already been distributed to tens of thousands of inmates one chapter at a time. We are honored to finally be offering all 15 chapters as one complete book to those who may benefit from it.

Adam Lovell
Founder and Owner of

P.S. If you find this book useful, would you please consider rating it five stars on Amazon and Google so others are more likely to read it and benefit from it as well?